Friday, December 30, 2011


WORLD! I am ever so grateful. Many milestones were hit this year. It's all thanks to you. Yes, YOU! If people didn't come on this site, I'd have no job. I love each and every one of you for letting us do what we do and giving me an occupation.

Woah...I guess Lil B stole my password. No matter. I have a new video for you guys. I'm hyped. It features our new rider, Bennett! He's got a couple tricks in there. A "real" welcome video is being made for him as we speak. Stay tuned for that.

FUCK! Who keeps doing this shit?! Whatever, enjoy the video. Youtube and Vimeo links as usual. We had a great time making videos for you this year and can't wait to make double next year! MUSTARD FOREVER!


HOW THE FUCK DID HE SNEAK THIS IN?! DAMNIT! Whatever. Have a based day, world.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Welcome back, world. We are back at it with more albums that I thought rocked out loud from this year. I'm going to keep some of these write ups short this week since I have a couple more to get to. Let's get back into it.

First order of business is a band by the name of THE TONIGHT LIFE. They released a new record this year that goes by the name "CARRY ME ON".

This band hails from Bergen County. The lead guitarist, Joe Crawford, used to be in one of the bigger local bands of the past years, Hometown Anthem. They were fucking great to listen to. Take his great voice, add his sister Kim Crawford to the picture and you have some harmonies that will make you sing like a happy little person. Bass is handled by the awesome man Kevin Siedel and drums are banged on by Aaron Richman. This record starts off strong and doesn't let go. It sends you on a journey through pop-rock tracks, to blues, to beautiful acoustic serenades. A MUST HAVE. Especially if you dig great vocals. I'm telling you, Kim can sing "Whoopie Goldberg" over and over and it'd sound like opera. Shit is that real out here.


This next band somehow always releases huge records without even spending billions of years on it. This nod goes to PORTUGAL. THE MAN for the awesome record "IN THE MOUNTAINS IN THE CLOUDS".

These guys released one of my favorite albums from last year (American Ghetto) and still somehow had time to get right back into the studio and release this album. It is perfect from start to finish. They have slowly been creeping into my top ten favorite musical acts ever list. They are that good. This album starts off strong with the song "So American" and then keeps on hitting you with the type of music Portugal is used to making: beautiful psychadelia mixed with great harmonies and awesome instrumentality. What's not to love?

TRACKS TO CHECK OUT: HEAD IS A FLAME(COOL WITH IT), FLOATING(TIME ISN'T WORKING MY SIDE), SLEEP FOREVER, and if you only need one track to convince you of how great this record is, listen to SO AMERICAN.

Ok, time to write up some quick reviews because no one likes reading ramblings from a 38 year old man that lives in an attic:


Songs about being a peeping tom. Songs about rape. This shit rules. He skates, so that is always a plus. OFWGKTA is the crew. Get familiar.


Debut solo album. Used to be in Little Brother, one of the better hip-hop groups of this generation. Every song hits home in a great way. If you like classic hip-hop, this is the album you need.


I love when producers put out albums. Great compliation of artists that hit mainstream and underground lovers alike. Even have cameos from some real OG's. Great listen and the time that went into each track is notable and appreciated throughout the whole album.


This guy A$AP Rocky definitely blew up out of nowhere. Being cosigned by Drake probably helps. Going on tour with Drake probably helps even more. The mixtape is trill as fuck. Not what'd you expect coming out of Harlem. Great mixtape. With beats by Clam Casino, a NJ native, you can never go wrong.

Honorable mentions go to Lady Gaga for "Born This Way" and Jay-Z and Kanye West for "Watch The Throne". Why? Because every girl loves "Marry The Night" and every nigga loves "Niggas in Paris".

That is perfect proof of the latter statement.

WHAT A GREAT YEAR IN MUSIC! Will see you tomorrow to bring ya the best Montages of the year from every member of the squad...or as many as I can round up. Have a shitty Tuesday, world!

Friday, December 23, 2011


Good morning. Just a quick little update for you guys. Glad you liked the music reviews. More to come on Tuesday.

First set of business is that our good friend Josh Craig has a show in the city tonight. If you're over 21 and able to get into the city, meet up with us. I'm serious. The whole crew is going. We love everyone so shout us a holla if you decide to come...(DETAILS FOR THE SHOW ARE HERE)

Next, did you guys see this video our rider Dylan Nieves dropped? This was basically most of his good footage from after we scooped em up. Some good tricks in here. The kid is humble about it, too. Best way to be, man. Peep the technique.

From us to you, I think that is it for now. DON'T FORGET WE HAVE OUR FIRST TWO GRAPHICS BACK IN!

If you need one, email me or contact any of our riders or our Facebook page. I promise they are worth every penny and make great gifts for skateboard enthusiasts the world over.

Have a great holiday, guys. More updates to squeeze in before the year is over. Check back soon, world.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Wassup, everyone? It's been a long year in music. I don't usually do this, but it's actually been a great year for music. I won't list this in any order. These are just albums or mixtapes I think would be beneficial to your ears and your hearts. Good music is always good to share. Some of these artists you have heard of. Some of them you've never heard of. Don't matter. CZECH THEM ALL OUT, DAMNIT! WE CAN ONLY HOPE 2012 BRINGS ABOUT MORE MUSIC LIKE 2011 HAS LEFT US.

First off is the CHAMPION effort from our sponsored artist, JOSH CRAIG, called "NO MANAGER NO PROBLEM".

Now, I'm not saying this was a great album/mixtape because we are cool with him. I only met the dude this summer. He's cool with the rest of the crew a lot more...BUT THIS DUDE POURED HIS HEART AND SOUL INTO EVERY TRACK ON THIS RECORD. Not only that, but he also doesn't write. Every rhyme you hear on this was off the top of the man's head! That's impressive to say the least.

TRACKS TO CHECK OUT: BAMBU(MY CREW), LIFE OF THE FAST ONE, and definitely don't forget to check out IT'S COMPLICATED.

Next to definitely get a nomination from me as one of the best mixtapes of the year is DANNY BROWN'S "XXX".

This man took a shitty situation like not signing with G-Unit and ended up dropping, without a doubt, one of the rawest music efforts I've heard in a long time. If you haven't heard of Danny Brown, he's a MC from Detroit. Looks like a rock star and raps like a deranged lunatic that doesn't give a fuck about shit. This guy took a while to break into the scene correctly, but he couldn't have picked a better time to drop this kind of a record. In a time when radio rap is watered down to bragging about "cars and money and hoes", Danny Brown embraces the shitty cards he was dealt and let's you know that he probably dealt them to himself.

TRACKS TO CHECK OUT: XXX, OUTER SPACE, DETROIT 187, and make sure you listen to RADIO SONG.

Local music thrives in all areas and my next selection is perfect proof of that. I bring to you KEYEL'S project, titled "CLVLND.CITY.CNQRS".

This album is beautiful. I've listened to it countless times. Each member of the group brings a different aspect to the table. Keyel is consisted of ESO, P3453, HOLY, and TWIZZ. They are all producers and they all rap. ESO lays down the cuts, as he is the group DJ. Basically, these guys don't slack in any hip hop department. The theme of the album is how they live in Cleveland and you can certainly get a good understanding of how these dudes is livin' in Ohio. Makes a dude wanna come out there to chill with the fam. If you're going to listen to this album, make sure it is all the way through. IT'S WORTH EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE.


Last artist to get a mention in this post will be the next ginger to have next, ACTION BRONSON. He dropped a very awesome album called "DR. LECTER" this year.

So let me give you some quick insight to who Action Bronson actually is. He's a big dude. Biggie Smalls type big. He actually used to be a chef. He has a cool style about em. Not like a lot of dudes you see coming up now.

NOW, onto this album. This dude has a great flow. That gritty type shit New York has always been known for, but with a twist. Since he used to be a chef, he throws in awesome food references that I honestly don't think you get much of nowadays. I'm not talking about saying tuna and rhyming it with buddha, I'm talking about "Aged wine got me spinning like a dreidel/For fly women use a condom cause it's fatal/Hazel eyed bitched always blazing up the basil/The red razor cut the features in your facial". That is some dope shit! How can you hate on that? Anyways, this album has some great beats and even better lyrics. Make sure to keep an eye out on this dude. He might be blowing up quicker than you think.

TRACKS TO CHECK OUT: BAG OF MONEY, BARRY HOROWITZ, and without a doubt check out the main single SHIRAZ.

For now, I will end this post. Next week, I'll wrap up the music mentions and also give you a peek into what to listen for when next year comes. Make sure to check back and see what else we have in store. I promise a new video before the year ends. Merry Kwanza, world.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Little Tommy P. It is your birthday today, sir. That is awesome. How old are you again? Good. Drink that many shots tonight into tomorrow. I've loved making videos with you. Hope to make many years worth more with ya.

(below I have some videos Thomas was a part of. They're all cool and you should check them out.)

This is the awesome band Livewires that Tom plays drums for. He has some fucking amazing banging skills. Wait, what did I say? Doesn't matter. Watch.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Fudthumping Friday, Fuckers!

Mad things to get to. No words. Happy Friday, though.

The Elmwood Park goons made a sweet video. Great song. It's dope. Nothing to complain about. Dylan Zevallos has the nicest hardflips in the game. Coz has the illest drive to skate. Andy is mister behind the scenes but in yo' face. Brian Nasr is a chill dude. Nigga either eats shit or fucking lands shit super clean. No in the middle. Andres is still a bitch.

Grant Taylor got Skater Of The Year from Thrasher this year. Good for him. He rips so fucking hard. Wish I could skate tranny like that.

Girl and Chocolate are making a new video. Which means GET READY TO BE HYPED ALL OVER AGAIN.

Shit will melt faces, I'm sure.

I made a video, as well. This will end the update as usual. I am thankful I got to make something with what I had. Had "editor's block" for a bit. I shouldn't take this so serious but I like to make sure I have something decent for this world of ours and yours.

Enjoy it. Feedback is always appreciated. Dylan and Jay are the shit. I love you guys. The EP guys make a sweet appearance. Just watch.


That is it. I hope you like what I've brought to the table. It's time to go ride the wave. I'll catch you bitch niggas on the flip, doe.
Chuck it, world.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tractor Tuesday

What I meant to say was that it is "Track Tuesday". Today, I have two artists to showcase and I also have a cool video from Black Flag Shoppe featuring our good friend Josh Craig.

My homey from Jersey goes by the name Sean Preme. Saddle Brooklyn representer.

He's chill as fuck. If you met him, you'd never know it was his voice on these tracks. He just released his demo. His Soundcloud can be found HERE. I'm gonna post a couple of the tracks that I personally liked a lot, but make sure you check em ALL OUT. Support your local music scene!

Second artist I have to shed some light on is my great friend Mario The Mechanic coming out of Cleveland, Ohio.

The man honestly never stops with the good music. He's a funny dude. Knows his shit. Next time he's out here, we getting live as fuck. I used one of his songs for a montage once...

But yeah, the new track is called "ICE". Shit is awesome. Make sure to check his Soundcloud(Mario the Mechanic's page) as well. Enjoy!

Last, but certainly not least, a dope video of some heads over at the Black Flag Shoppe doin' they verbal thang. You know how that go. Craig is in the midst of it all. Shit is dope. Dudes are just having fun. No stress. You can tell.

Done for now. Hope everyone checks out these artists. If you end up really liking these artists, follow em and keep up with them. Local music should be supported more. For real. Support anything and all from your area. And branch out a bit. You'll find good shit out there that isn't on the radio, I promise.

Get juicy, world.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Fuck sales "holidays" that only help the rich get richer. Only "sales" day I participate in is "Small Business Saturday". Which is today. Go support your favorite small businesses. Like Division East. Black Flag is a great place to support. Underground Skateshop has that British flava. Any local shop, to be honest. Fuck the mall on a day like this.

(Real quick, I wanted to post this Nate Rojas video. Why? Because he's just too good and too nice of a guy for him to not get ONE mention on this site every once in a few. East Coast...stand the fuck up. )

I wanted to show the world the crazy styles of Billy Thomas. His real name is Jay. Actually, it's Jamar. But shhh...Only Netto calls him that anyway. From here on out he's going to be known as Bill. Bill Montana. He rips on a skateboard. He's recording a mixtape with Glen Roberts. He's a very fast moving man. Try to catch up because he's usually flying. On a flight. Or in space.

That's it for now. I promise a new video VERY VERY SOON. I've been busy being a bum. Shit ain't easy. I gotta go make some rent money. Peace, world.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Spanish decided to do these new interviews for all of Mustard. Be on the lookout for a new one of these weekly. Or bi-weekly. Or never. Maybe this is the first and only one. Only Lord will know.

First one is of the little man Dylan aka Prospect. It has a small skating clip in it so watch and be like "OMG that boi does his thang, yo."

Good shit, Spanish. And good shit, Ice Water Metallic.

Have a good weekend, fucks. I meant folks. Sorry.

Paz, mundo.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Josh Craigington

Our homie Josh Craig came by the party on Saturday and blessed the mic with a very dope freestyle. Check this ish out and recognize the rawness. Local hip hop is so back.

The man has a show this week in NYC. $10 cover.

Come out and support if you want more of what you saw above. The Josh Craig Experience will be live and in full effect.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trackity Tuesdays

Our good friend Matthew Jugan (link to his website on the sidebar) just dropped a new video today. He directed it. Shit's pretty cool. Reminds me of old days. When gang vocals ruled the world. And alternative rock videos were about friends hanging out. And the good times they'd have. I miss that. A lot. This video has all that. And the song is good.

Have a listen. Or watch it. Above all else, enjoy it.

Good stuff, Jugs.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Friday Recap

Last Friday, we set up the first official Freestyle Friday at The Hole. These are all the pictures we got from the event. It was tight. I didn't appreciate the mess in my living space but nonetheless, a good time. Enjoy the photos. (All of these photos were taken by Sean Cornetto)

Joe and Purtis.

Luis's pride and joy.

Rob Campbell


Enjoying the company of others.

Coke and Purtis.

Getting fuzzy.

New Faces.

Probably the livest it got.

Here's Henry.

Hope you guys like the flicks. Gonna get back on our picture game again without a doubt. See ya guys later this week. Check it, world.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Watch Out Wednesdays!

First off, I'm so glad people are feeling the new video. I want to keep the posts coming and I have a new video to post from my good friend Kyle Orlando. Don't know who he is? An OG in the game. From Clifton. Knows all the Jersey rippers. Dope ass style. Great dude to have a drink with. He's that nigga.

(Photo taken by Joe Scordo)

He put out a FUCKING AWESOME VIDEO THAT SHITS ON ALL OF THE VIDEOS I'VE EVER MADE. This is the second in his "Channel" Series. This is the first one if you haven't seen it already. I think I posted it? I don't remember. Life is moving fast. But yeah, come check this video out. It's really fucking good. Good skating. There's even two of the Mustard guys in the Friends Section. I know Luis is stoked, but I'm stoked to see that Brian Beavers in there flying around.

Have a good hump day, world.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Seriously, most hooks on the radio fucking suck now. Same bullshit over and over. So I wanted to pay tribute to them shitty hooks. Makes sense for me to hate something and then pay tribute to it, right?? I BET!

Anyways, before I post the vid, check these pics taken by our homie Jahmar. He's got a good eye. And they're digi flicks. I be lovin' dem shits. Check his tumblr. Shit is ultra cool. (Jahmar's World, dawg)

OK. Now onto a video. Peep game and do what ya like.

Of course you can also peep the youtube/mobile version.

eat a dick and have a great fucking week. Freestyle Fridays will be at The Hole this week. You wanna come? Email me or hit me up on twitter or facebook. We can talk biz.