Friday, December 2, 2011

Fudthumping Friday, Fuckers!

Mad things to get to. No words. Happy Friday, though.

The Elmwood Park goons made a sweet video. Great song. It's dope. Nothing to complain about. Dylan Zevallos has the nicest hardflips in the game. Coz has the illest drive to skate. Andy is mister behind the scenes but in yo' face. Brian Nasr is a chill dude. Nigga either eats shit or fucking lands shit super clean. No in the middle. Andres is still a bitch.

Grant Taylor got Skater Of The Year from Thrasher this year. Good for him. He rips so fucking hard. Wish I could skate tranny like that.

Girl and Chocolate are making a new video. Which means GET READY TO BE HYPED ALL OVER AGAIN.

Shit will melt faces, I'm sure.

I made a video, as well. This will end the update as usual. I am thankful I got to make something with what I had. Had "editor's block" for a bit. I shouldn't take this so serious but I like to make sure I have something decent for this world of ours and yours.

Enjoy it. Feedback is always appreciated. Dylan and Jay are the shit. I love you guys. The EP guys make a sweet appearance. Just watch.


That is it. I hope you like what I've brought to the table. It's time to go ride the wave. I'll catch you bitch niggas on the flip, doe.
Chuck it, world.

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