Saturday, August 23, 2008

Manny Mania 2008!

This past Sunday , Coleman Park hosted one of the best contests to hit the city:the Manny Mania contest.

This contest consisted of only manuals, meaning you could only balance on either the front or back wheels on a skateboard. Definitely a very demanding contest.

The amount of pros made it a very exciting contest because of the fact that most had very different styles.

I won't get into too much detail of what went down, I'll just say that my friends and I had the best time ever. Many of the pros were nice enough to even spend some time with us. Just peep the pics!

FROSTON was a judge.

Tim O Connor was chill...we met him at the train station.

The 07 and 08 champ!(Joey Brezinski)

Jereme Rogers

Stevie in full effect.

some mustard affiliates.

Brandon Biebel signing stuff, being loyal to his fans.

Jason Dill pickle.

Luis was soooo stoked on meeting his favorite pro skateboarder. I had to stop spectating just so I could get this shot for him.

Marcus McBride and Lenny Rivas were chilling with Stevie Williams. DGK fam

Luis's 2nd favorite pro.


Chico Brenes

The contest ended at about 8pm. The winners were Joey Brezinski in 1st, Brandon Biebel in 2nd, and Chico Brenes in 3rd.

All the skaters that came out ripped it up. Can't wait till next year. Should be a fun one. Have a great day, world.

Friday, August 22, 2008

It starts today...

Hey everyone. Al Jones here. I'm gonna be around to break it down for most of the heads out here in the world. If you dig my words, digg me.
Ya dig?
New post very soon with some recent events. For now...Listen to YNQ!