Monday, November 29, 2010


WORLD! I really love you guys if you saw what I was doing just to make sure this update got to you guys this morning.

AL LOVES THE WORLD! Anyways, Luis and I were working really hard all night and morning just to get this update to you guys before the afternoon.

This involved one day of sillyness. I promise another update later on this week, actually.


Beavers is magic. If you haven't noticed.

Video Time! I'm hustling lately because I love keeping you guys updated on the squad so please enjoy this tidbit of video cinema!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


What's crackin, world!?

New montage for you guys. Went to Astoria again and the new N. Moore Skate Plaza. It was dope.

Mad Mustard

New skate plaza joint.


Not too much words. Wanna make sure you guys stay interested for this video. Watch it. Like it on youtube. Show your friends. Eat turkey and celebrate "Indian land taking", son! Oh, and shop a lot Friday.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Night update for that assss

Yo yo, world! Got a sweet video for you to check out.

It's of Sean's dad and his friend rocking out and being super cool hippies back in the 70's. Sean's dad is the one shredding the guitar. The friend is the one with the face painted. His name was Mugsy. RIP Mugsy.

Enjoy the video!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Mustard!

WORLD!!!!!! What up!? This update would have been done earlier. I'm sorry. I'm gonna cut to the chase and just get to the pictures from the competition that was held on Sunday. Black Flag Shoppe put together this jam. Those are some good people. The contest was real ill. Sweet vibes and such. Great music. Awesome place to be on a Sunday.

Omar. He put the whole thathang together!

This is what the contest had to skate. We brought the Mustard rail.


coz and dres.

This awesome ginger named Sean.

Jonas and Piddo amongst all the kids.

Dyl and Sean

My nigga Shane and his boy.

Geoff got injured before the contest. He's out of commission for a couple weeks now.

Mini Mustard graduating class.

No more warm ups. Let's get this shit started!

Kids went first. They were shredding pretty good. Happy to see the youth doin' they thing.

The winner is...(in the beginners) They were calling this kid Mexico. We called em mini Chaz!


Next up: 4 rounds with ten skaters in each group. Best one of each ends up in a 4 man skate jam at the end. Awesome format.

Piddo won the first round.

Sean won the second round. He was honestly killing it. I was happy to see him having fun for the first time in a while.

first and second round winners.

Kamil (little homie from way back!) hurt his toe.

BTW, Beavers and Jonas took the last two rounds. The box was ours basically.

End of the contest has tosses and such. Kids love that shit, mang!

ALright. Here's the video that more explains how we ended up winning this beautiful skate box. Oh, what skate box? This one!
Beavers Back Smithson.

Video time!

Enjoy everybody. Once again, shout to Black Flag for holding such an awesome contest. Big ups to everyone that came out to support as well. Have a sweet day, world!