Monday, May 30, 2011


So people were looking for me all over and I'm sorry to have been such a hard mouse to catch, pussy cats. But I'm back to blogging on the regular and to prove it I have a video for you all! I think Luis is working on a huge video that will very soon be up but for now enjoy this one!

Pictures will be up later this week as well. I MISSED YOU, WORLD! SEE YOU SOON!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hey Guys. This is NOT Alfred. This is Luis. Somehow, Al Jones managed to leave my house and skip out on rent...AGAIN. What this means is I'm going to have to document everything until I find em. Sorry for the lack of updates lately. He is the one to blame, not me!

Anyways...I have a video for all of you that I made with clips I filmed. He normally edits but I tried my best to make it as "Al Jones'y" as possible. Enjoy, everyone.

BTW...We are going to San Francisco(Kenny Devoe, Joe Zevallos, Luis Canelo, and Sean Cornetto). I think Al might be over there but I'm not exactly sure. Hopefully he can leave me some sort of clue as to where he is in this world. Until then, have a great day, world. (is that what he would say?)