Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I totally forgot to mention that today is GORGEOUS out. oh...whoops. Hey world! It's been pretty awesome weather-wise lately. Hope you're all shredding or gardening or whatever else you do on these nice days.

I've got two new MUSTARD videos. First is of Kamil and a little teaser Span threw together. This kid is amazing.

Second one is one I made for you guys on a FUCKING CELL PHONE! Can you believe that? Movie editors on cell phones now? Amazing. The video is cheesy and thrown together super fast. I'm sorry it's cheesy and shit. I love you al regardless. Peep it!

(we don't condone kids fighting, btw. we just let whatever life wants to happen, happen. it's how our lives played out, after all)

Have a great Tuesday, World!

Friday, April 22, 2011

FIND OUT FRIDAY (on Good Friday)

Happy Holidays to some. I know it was Passover this week so extra special shout out to my Jewish cats.

On to news as we usually do on Fridays...

Sebo Walker is now on Autobahn. This guy is good. He's also down with Skate Sauce. This guy's GOOD. Did I say that already? peep the commercial!

Ok so do you guys know who Cody Davis is? He's on World Industries. Fucking rips. They released his "It's Your World" part and I must say...this guy has some grown man hammers in here.

Cody's World from World Industries on Vimeo.

Last bit of info is Mustard related. We picked up another really good local. His name?! Kamil Stobierski! He's from Clifton. He is really good. Luis has watched him skate since he was a youngin' and the progression is insane! This kid will be huge in a couple of years. Believe that! He's in this video and he kinda steals the show. Peep game!

All that news should keep you guys satisfied for now. What the hell is up with this weather anyway? Have a great Easter weekend, world. I'm stackin' so expect a video soon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This is probably the best free mixtape I've downloaded in a long time. Get this. Listen to it. Features beats from The Alchemist! Some awesome guest appearances (Prodigy and Freddie Gibbs just to name a few...)

Curren$y mixtape!

Make sure you listen to the whole thing. These beats are fire. Seriously. shouts to CURREN$Y for dropping this for free. Get it, folks! (ps...Happy 420 to those that celebrate.)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Ok...I'm sorry, dudes and dudettes! I finally finished a video. It features stuff from Sundays and other days. Made it into a little archive joint. No pictures because Luis bought a huge hard drive that freezes and deletes folders full of EVERY PICTURE LUIS AND I HAVE EVER TAKEN. No big deal or anything. FUCK.

anyways...new video. enjoy.


I also have the new "Somethin' Light" promo for you guys to check out. It is fucking awesome and the song is so good. Luis sucks too much to get into that one but most of the Mustard homies are in it so check it out!

(Sorry I've been slacking, guys. Don't think I don't have any updates coming for a while because I'm gonna try to pump a new video out this week!)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fools Need to Find Out!

Yo, fools! Happy April, guys. I've got news!

Nike just released the new Janoski Mids. This actually makes me wanna skate em. Need that ankle support. This commercial is hilarious. And awesome.

Cliche released a tour video this week. Dope shit from French dudes and an American manual guy named Joey Brezinski. Peep the tour vid!

More Skateboarding Videos

OH YEAH! and the 10 Deep crew has some new stuff on Da Playground. They rip. Jamal Smith is on their team, too! So good. (German is a local so I had to give a shout out to the dude doin' his thing...STILL!)

Ugh, I know I'm spamming Da Playground but Jackson fucking Curtin. So good. Last trick dropped my jaw.


Kyle Leeper is now on Stereo as of two weeks ago. I love how Stereo goes about everything. So gnarly.

I think that's it for now. Enjoy the videos and as usual, stay classy. Later, world!