Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So I figured I'd update y'all on some of the shit you already know! We released a video of some of our homies rippin it. Kamil and Dylan do they damn thing! Before I post the vid, I just want you guys to check some photos. These were from the Sunday Maloof Money Cup event. t'was fun.

Beavers and Beavers...I mean Ishod Wair.

Nick Merlino and some of the Mustard dudes. This guy rips. And he reps Jersey to the fullest. AIN'T NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!


Speaking of Dylan, here's that video of Dylan and Kamil killing it to some island vibes. Big shouts to Quartersnacks.com for giving us some love. Bout time someone recognized Spanalan and his efforts to make everything look cool. Good shit, Joe!

Mustard BAM BAM! from Joe Zevallos on Vimeo.

Have a good day, everyone. If Luis and I can get the old house comp back and running, I promise another update soon. Sound good? K. Enjoy the weather and go skate Fair Lawn park if ya haven't already. It's fun stuff.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Thrillers!

We've got a thriller in for you this Thursday! It happens to be a video from myself! I've been working hard these past couple of days to make sure this got out to all of you before the week was over.

Hope you can all appreciate and enjoy this. New camera since Luis's last one was stolen.(if we find you, you're dead gravy!) Without further interruption...HERE ARE MY ARCHIVES!

Mustard for your Face! from Luiscanelo on Vimeo.

and this is the YouTube link if you'd rather watch it there...

Enjoy the hump day, everyone!

- AL fuckin JONES

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today is our only holiday. The day we get to run streets in countries all over the world. I hope you guys celebrate by at least stepping on your board once! Do an ollie if you haven't in a while, or assemble a crew and head into NYC. Whatever you do, make sure your skateboard knows that you appreciate it as much as you should!

Off to actual Mustard related news... I have some pictures I'm gonna release with a video you've probably seen but I guess it's about time I show someone SOMETHING!

The guys went to SF to look for me about a month ago. They failed. But, on the trip, Luis was kind enough to take pictures and eat lots of Mexican food. If you wanna see em...JUST LOOK BELOW! ( for now, I'll only post the skateboard related ones. I'll save the scenery/tourist shots for another update.)

Shout out to Purple Skunk!

(ok ONE non skateboard related picture only because I love frisbees)

Kenny and his pop.


That's all the pictures I can spare for now. I like to keep shit under wraps. Sorry, world. BUT, I have a new video! Check out the new promo to "Somethin' Light" in two different formats and have fun having choices!

Mustard doesn't half step. from Joe Zevallos on Vimeo.

Self promotion rules! Have a gnarly day, world. Don't forget that if you can't make NYC, there's an Underground/Bump event in Union City as well.

Peep the flyer and have a great Go Skateboarding Day!

Friday, June 10, 2011


AL HERE. It's Friday and I gotta post some shit for you guys to find out! Last week was Maloof and a lot of craziness went down. Congratulations to Greg Lutzka for taking the whole thing. On the real, I wanna give a shout to Manny Santiago for placing top 12 against some of the world's greatest. East Coast, Stand UP!

Anyways, on to some other news...
Aaron Suski, one of my all time favorite speed and obscure street rippers, just got his Emerica B-Side released. Watch it and get hyped!

Our Good Friend, BJ Wishard, released this new little promo as well. It's fuckin gnarly and the skating is ultra good.

Here's a little video Transworld put together of Collin Provost, one of the newest pro's on Toy Machine. He also had a great part in Stay Gold. So good.

In more local news, tomorrow there will be a BBQ skate jam at the Jersey City mini spot.

If you can come out and support, we'd love that!

don't forget to be on the lookout for more videos from myself and Luis and also Joe has some things in the works. MUSTARD IS WORKIN' HARD FOR THE PEOPLE WITH DRY HOT DOGS OUT THERE!

They love you. I love you. Thanks for stopping by, folks. More nonsense asap. Have a great weekend!

-Alfred Stanley Jones

Friday, June 3, 2011


So yesterday was the Pre Maloof Party at GardenSk8. It was pretty fun. Free drinks and food thanks to some great sponsors. Anthony Shetler and Cody Davis were there skating like mad men and all the locals came out to shred as well. Mad fun!

Enjoy the video, world! Stay tuned for more updates soon! STAY SAUCY, JERSEY!

-alfred stanley jones.