Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Friday Recap

Last Friday, we set up the first official Freestyle Friday at The Hole. These are all the pictures we got from the event. It was tight. I didn't appreciate the mess in my living space but nonetheless, a good time. Enjoy the photos. (All of these photos were taken by Sean Cornetto)

Joe and Purtis.

Luis's pride and joy.

Rob Campbell


Enjoying the company of others.

Coke and Purtis.

Getting fuzzy.

New Faces.

Probably the livest it got.

Here's Henry.

Hope you guys like the flicks. Gonna get back on our picture game again without a doubt. See ya guys later this week. Check it, world.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Watch Out Wednesdays!

First off, I'm so glad people are feeling the new video. I want to keep the posts coming and I have a new video to post from my good friend Kyle Orlando. Don't know who he is? An OG in the game. From Clifton. Knows all the Jersey rippers. Dope ass style. Great dude to have a drink with. He's that nigga.

(Photo taken by Joe Scordo)

He put out a FUCKING AWESOME VIDEO THAT SHITS ON ALL OF THE VIDEOS I'VE EVER MADE. This is the second in his "Channel" Series. This is the first one if you haven't seen it already. I think I posted it? I don't remember. Life is moving fast. But yeah, come check this video out. It's really fucking good. Good skating. There's even two of the Mustard guys in the Friends Section. I know Luis is stoked, but I'm stoked to see that Brian Beavers in there flying around.

Have a good hump day, world.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Seriously, most hooks on the radio fucking suck now. Same bullshit over and over. So I wanted to pay tribute to them shitty hooks. Makes sense for me to hate something and then pay tribute to it, right?? I BET!

Anyways, before I post the vid, check these pics taken by our homie Jahmar. He's got a good eye. And they're digi flicks. I be lovin' dem shits. Check his tumblr. Shit is ultra cool. (Jahmar's World, dawg)

OK. Now onto a video. Peep game and do what ya like.

Of course you can also peep the youtube/mobile version.

eat a dick and have a great fucking week. Freestyle Fridays will be at The Hole this week. You wanna come? Email me or hit me up on twitter or facebook. We can talk biz.


Friday, October 7, 2011


So it's Friday. Working people look forward to it every week. Unless you work Saturdays. Then you look forward to that instead.

Usually, Fridays mean skateboard news here on the site. Well, we have that and a freestyle from last Friday. We've been doing these Freestyle Fridays at the Lair past couple of weeks. Luis and Bryant fixed their attic so we might start doing them at the Hole very VERY soon as well.

First to news:

Danny Cerezini fucking kills it. Starts off with a trick I've never seen actually (fakie front blunt). So insane. Then he proceeds to flip into or out of every fucking grind possible. Amazing. Blind knows wassup.

Oh yeah, Chris Cole is a beast.

Sorry Transworld, for the steals, but this shit is fucking wild! Chris Cole kills it with hammers. So sick. Oh, and Jimmy Carlin and Trevor Colden(?) show up for some guest tricks.

Ryan Sheckler old footage is so dope.

What a fucking huge kickflip. Remember seeing that ad back in the day in a magazine but I never saw this footage. I remember Danny Skiba saying he was probably kickflipping over an actual whole skatepark. Rad.

Ishod Wair won the Maloof Money Cup in Africa this weekend. He killed it. Good shit, damnit!

The video of it wasn't working but peep this link if ya wanna watch it. JERSEY STAND UP! So good seeing someone from our state doing they thang.

ON TO THE NEW VIDEO FROM GLEN ROBERTS. It's actually not a big deal. No need for caps. Sorry.

(mobile and YouTube)


Enjoy the videos and all the news. If you ever have something exclusive for the site, contact me through here. Give it a shot.
Have a great weekend. New skating video in the works. Stay fallin, world.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

ARTofficial Video on Vimeo

This is the video. The Vimeo link, I mean.

ARTofficial Party Time from Luiscanelo on Vimeo.

Enjoy. Sorry that I needed to post it like this twice but I had a busy day. And the internet isn't always too fast. Pardon my excuses.

Enjoi, woild.

ARTofficial Party Video

Hey, World. We were invited to an awesome party a couple weeks ago. It was for the release of the first issue of ARTofficial. This is a quick and a little fun recap of how it all went down.

BUT BEFORE ANYTHING, I want to say Rest In Peace to one of the greatest thinkers of our time, Steve Jobs. I'm writing this on a Mac and if it wasn't for him, I'd be using a virus infested PC still that I would've replaced 30 times by now. Thanks for the sweet products, Steve Jobs.

OK. On to the video. There are pictures from the event as well if you check out this Facebook Album (they're the last ones. Go thank Sean for taking them)

(Mobile and YouTube version)

I'm gonna post the Vimeo link later since I have to go. Enjoy this one for now and don't get tricked into sipping that Funky Cold Medina.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shindig Shout Out!


Such a good summer video. Go check them out over at Order Skateboards or Hats or Shirts from those guys when they have it. They've got the dope ish.

Anyways, Glen here. And I'm out. Be on the lookout for some other new things later this week/today ;)