Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Seriously, most hooks on the radio fucking suck now. Same bullshit over and over. So I wanted to pay tribute to them shitty hooks. Makes sense for me to hate something and then pay tribute to it, right?? I BET!

Anyways, before I post the vid, check these pics taken by our homie Jahmar. He's got a good eye. And they're digi flicks. I be lovin' dem shits. Check his tumblr. Shit is ultra cool. (Jahmar's World, dawg)

OK. Now onto a video. Peep game and do what ya like.

Of course you can also peep the youtube/mobile version.

eat a dick and have a great fucking week. Freestyle Fridays will be at The Hole this week. You wanna come? Email me or hit me up on twitter or facebook. We can talk biz.


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