Friday, October 7, 2011


So it's Friday. Working people look forward to it every week. Unless you work Saturdays. Then you look forward to that instead.

Usually, Fridays mean skateboard news here on the site. Well, we have that and a freestyle from last Friday. We've been doing these Freestyle Fridays at the Lair past couple of weeks. Luis and Bryant fixed their attic so we might start doing them at the Hole very VERY soon as well.

First to news:

Danny Cerezini fucking kills it. Starts off with a trick I've never seen actually (fakie front blunt). So insane. Then he proceeds to flip into or out of every fucking grind possible. Amazing. Blind knows wassup.

Oh yeah, Chris Cole is a beast.

Sorry Transworld, for the steals, but this shit is fucking wild! Chris Cole kills it with hammers. So sick. Oh, and Jimmy Carlin and Trevor Colden(?) show up for some guest tricks.

Ryan Sheckler old footage is so dope.

What a fucking huge kickflip. Remember seeing that ad back in the day in a magazine but I never saw this footage. I remember Danny Skiba saying he was probably kickflipping over an actual whole skatepark. Rad.

Ishod Wair won the Maloof Money Cup in Africa this weekend. He killed it. Good shit, damnit!

The video of it wasn't working but peep this link if ya wanna watch it. JERSEY STAND UP! So good seeing someone from our state doing they thang.

ON TO THE NEW VIDEO FROM GLEN ROBERTS. It's actually not a big deal. No need for caps. Sorry.

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Enjoy the videos and all the news. If you ever have something exclusive for the site, contact me through here. Give it a shot.
Have a great weekend. New skating video in the works. Stay fallin, world.

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