Thursday, June 20, 2013



First off, I have some more pictures of some random stuff. Glen took these, as usual. Netto has been slacking on his picture tip, bruh. He about to get snipped, bruh. WATCH! Anyways, look at some of these.

 7-E guy that hates seeing anyone smile.
 Young C is back and he's probably fucking your mom. (Seriously, though. Watch for him around yours)
 Brian Beavers - Volcano Blast
 Sean Cornetto - Backside Smith
Brian Beavers - Kickflip Up the Step Up

Next set of business is that we have an event tomorrow which is Go Skateboarding Day! Not like we don't skateboard every fucking day possible, but this holiday is one I look forward to because of the memories it brings back. A lot of good times have been had by all of us on this day and it only makes sense that it should evoke a sense of happiness in each skateboarder in the world. I don't think anyone thought skateboarding would have it's own holiday when it first started.

This event will be at the Ridgewood Skatepark and we will be giving stuff out, skating, and hanging out with everyone. Please say hello and bring that happiness with you! So many awesome dudes will be here. This is an event you don't want to miss!

Last thing is Bennett. He's a dick. He didn't tell me personally that he made this cool video so for that, I shall post an embarrassing picture of him pissing. 
I hope the police see this and lock you up, dickhead! 

Just kidding, brum. We love you and know that you're just a young nim on the prowl for the trims. Here's the video and enjoy his tweaked switch heels.

Hopefully we see some of you guys tomorrow! Until then...

lo classy, munduko.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Come va, mondo?!

So anyways, I think it's about time I post the last bit of photos from the Mustard San Francisco trip. These were the most bitter sweet of memories. These were all taken on our last 2 days, but since we didn't sleep it felt like one LONG day. We were pretty bummed that our last day had arrived so quick, but we made the best of it. We luckily met up with a brum early and he ended up showing us some stuff we hadn't checked out yet on the trip. Shit was a proper way to dip. Anyways, enough with the words! Enjoy this shim!

 This was Levi. He was the owner's dog.
(Extra huge shout out to Benny Gold for showing us love and for being extra cool. Shop is excellent and I would suggest anyone in the area to make sure they stop through there. Great selection of product and a really awesome space for hosting art pieces/shows.)

 The homie Cody and Dingo
Super Saiyan Dylhan
 We decided to skate back to the subway instead of taking a bus. A very long way back, but fun nonetheless.
Airport Blues
 Paz to the Indian

So that's it for the Mustard SF Archives. Hope you guys enjoyed some of these posts. I have more new stuff and a new video in the works coming real soon. No more vacation pictures...BACK TO WORK. We also have some more events coming up soon. Check back soon and maybe you'll be in the know. Until then, have a safe journey in this adventure we call life. 

Pace, mondo.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Last year, some of the Mustard team participated in the National Brain Tumor Society's "Brain Tumor Walk" to help raise money and awareness for brain cancer. Not only does cancer fucking suck, but it also claimed a close friend of ours.
(6/1/1986 - 12/7/2011)
Alicia Skiba was a joy to be around and it still to this day is hard to imagine that she is really gone. Her son misses her dearly and so do all her friends and family.
(From her birthday that just passed.)
Our friend Ashley, her sister, was later diagnosed a month after her sister's passing with a similar type of cancer. Ashley, however, is a very strong girl and a fighter. We are all hoping and pulling for her to beat this thing everyday. That's what makes this walk even more dear to all of us!
Ashley and Alicia
Last year was excellent. Great food, great talks, and great vibes. The thing that made it even better was to see so many people united for the same cause. Not just in our group, but in all the groups! Everyone was so happy and just thrilled to be doing a great thing for those that may not be here to join us on the walk, or for those that have been affected by this horrible disease still with us.

This year, the goal isn't just to raise more money, but to also have more people there. The event is one that you don't want to miss. Very fun! You can even do the whole walk on your skateboard! Of course, whatever you can donate is always appreciated, but the experience is one you won't want to miss. Get out and do something that will mean a lot to many.

There is only one week left to register. If you are interested in joining us on this amazing day, please follow this link. BRAIN TUMOR WALK REGISTRATION The team Ashley has started up is called "Alicia and Ashley's Angels" and if you do register or donate, you can search that name to make sure it goes to her. If not, you can always just donate to the cause itself anonymously.

Remember that "funds raised through this event help the National Brain Tumor Society to drive strategic research initiatives aimed at finding new therapies as quickly as possible, and empower the brain tumor community to advocate for vital government programs and policies that will result in better treatments and quality of life for those affected by brain tumors." If you've never done anything to help people, here is a great chance to get started! Now go register and let's help those that need it! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We have more pictures for you all. This is our third installment in the "Mustard SF" archives. Hope you all enjoy. I know Glen tried his hardest to make these some of the tightest snaps. He didn't do that great, but please cut him some slack!

Beavers and Dingo
 Sean Cornetto - Kickflip
 "Defeat can come in many ways...
 but the small things that make us happy make up for those defeats."
My cousin couldn't hang that night.

These are all the photos for today. The last two installments will be coming to you guys shortly. Once again, all these photos were taken by Glen/Luis. If you hate these shots, please make sure to tell him through his Twitter or his Instagram or something. I know he uses the latter more frequently.

I ALSO HAVE A LITTLE TREAT! Our friend Alice did an awesome documentary on the Mustard owners. It's a very cool look into how things started out and it even has an exclusive clip of Dylan Nieves that no one has seen before this video. I know many people ask the guys how things started so here is a quick peek that I think you should all be satisfied with. Please observe:

You can contact Alice through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram if you have any questions or comments. I hope you guys liked that because she worked really hard on making sure these dudes were portrayed properly. I also think everything was just edited excellently! Great job, Alice!

mir, svijet