Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We have more pictures for you all. This is our third installment in the "Mustard SF" archives. Hope you all enjoy. I know Glen tried his hardest to make these some of the tightest snaps. He didn't do that great, but please cut him some slack!

Beavers and Dingo
 Sean Cornetto - Kickflip
 "Defeat can come in many ways...
 but the small things that make us happy make up for those defeats."
My cousin couldn't hang that night.

These are all the photos for today. The last two installments will be coming to you guys shortly. Once again, all these photos were taken by Glen/Luis. If you hate these shots, please make sure to tell him through his Twitter or his Instagram or something. I know he uses the latter more frequently.

I ALSO HAVE A LITTLE TREAT! Our friend Alice did an awesome documentary on the Mustard owners. It's a very cool look into how things started out and it even has an exclusive clip of Dylan Nieves that no one has seen before this video. I know many people ask the guys how things started so here is a quick peek that I think you should all be satisfied with. Please observe:

You can contact Alice through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram if you have any questions or comments. I hope you guys liked that because she worked really hard on making sure these dudes were portrayed properly. I also think everything was just edited excellently! Great job, Alice!

mir, svijet

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