Thursday, June 20, 2013



First off, I have some more pictures of some random stuff. Glen took these, as usual. Netto has been slacking on his picture tip, bruh. He about to get snipped, bruh. WATCH! Anyways, look at some of these.

 7-E guy that hates seeing anyone smile.
 Young C is back and he's probably fucking your mom. (Seriously, though. Watch for him around yours)
 Brian Beavers - Volcano Blast
 Sean Cornetto - Backside Smith
Brian Beavers - Kickflip Up the Step Up

Next set of business is that we have an event tomorrow which is Go Skateboarding Day! Not like we don't skateboard every fucking day possible, but this holiday is one I look forward to because of the memories it brings back. A lot of good times have been had by all of us on this day and it only makes sense that it should evoke a sense of happiness in each skateboarder in the world. I don't think anyone thought skateboarding would have it's own holiday when it first started.

This event will be at the Ridgewood Skatepark and we will be giving stuff out, skating, and hanging out with everyone. Please say hello and bring that happiness with you! So many awesome dudes will be here. This is an event you don't want to miss!

Last thing is Bennett. He's a dick. He didn't tell me personally that he made this cool video so for that, I shall post an embarrassing picture of him pissing. 
I hope the police see this and lock you up, dickhead! 

Just kidding, brum. We love you and know that you're just a young nim on the prowl for the trims. Here's the video and enjoy his tweaked switch heels.

Hopefully we see some of you guys tomorrow! Until then...

lo classy, munduko.

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