Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Come va, mondo?!

So anyways, I think it's about time I post the last bit of photos from the Mustard San Francisco trip. These were the most bitter sweet of memories. These were all taken on our last 2 days, but since we didn't sleep it felt like one LONG day. We were pretty bummed that our last day had arrived so quick, but we made the best of it. We luckily met up with a brum early and he ended up showing us some stuff we hadn't checked out yet on the trip. Shit was a proper way to dip. Anyways, enough with the words! Enjoy this shim!

 This was Levi. He was the owner's dog.
(Extra huge shout out to Benny Gold for showing us love and for being extra cool. Shop is excellent and I would suggest anyone in the area to make sure they stop through there. Great selection of product and a really awesome space for hosting art pieces/shows.)

 The homie Cody and Dingo
Super Saiyan Dylhan
 We decided to skate back to the subway instead of taking a bus. A very long way back, but fun nonetheless.
Airport Blues
 Paz to the Indian

So that's it for the Mustard SF Archives. Hope you guys enjoyed some of these posts. I have more new stuff and a new video in the works coming real soon. No more vacation pictures...BACK TO WORK. We also have some more events coming up soon. Check back soon and maybe you'll be in the know. Until then, have a safe journey in this adventure we call life. 

Pace, mondo.

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