Sunday, July 24, 2011

In Older News...

So two weeks ago we went into the city and met this really cool dude that runs a pretty sweet photography blog and site. He took some pictures for us and hung out a bit. Check these photos out and then go check this site out! GOOD LOOKS, ADOT!

That's it for now. Make sure you go check out this man's blog and you might fall in love with a model or two you see on their. I know Sean did. Hope the heat hasn't melted you guys out there.

Have a great Sunday, world!

Friday, July 22, 2011


ok, so it's really fucking hot out. How hot?? IT'S FUCKING 108 DEGREES AND THE REAL FEEL IS 117! That is how hot it is outside. Disgusting. Unfortunately, that means that the event we had planned for tomorrow will have to be postponed shortly. Which event? This one.

The last thing we want is people to pass out from straight heat exhaustion. That's too much, papa.

On to news. I've got some cool things for you all to hear about.

We added a new dude to our team. Jay Ortiz. He's fucking good. Really good. The rail he ollies over to bank in this clip is really high. Some of your favorite pros have skated here. You can ask them how high that rail is. NUTS!

Next up is a snippet of how the song "Bambu(My Crew)" b J. Craig was made. Listen to this interview. And if you like the interview, go and watch the video!

Sean Malto had his 60 minutes in the Park for Transworld and it's pretty good. Not as good as Nyjah's in my opinion, but still pretty cool. And he has a pretty good back overcrook...

Andrew Cannon dropped his "It's Your World" World Industries part as well. Pretty psyched on that. His style is pretty awesome for a big guy. Check it out!

Andrew Cannon -"It's Your World" from World Industries on Vimeo.

Here's a little video of the Osiris flow team rippin. These dudes are really good and I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of them very very soon.

That's it for news today. Stay hydrated, folks. And also, stay cool. Don't go out if you don't need to and make sure all kids and older folks aren't left inside cars to MELT THEIR FACES OFF.

Have a good weekend, world.

Monday, July 18, 2011



This one features some pictures and maybe even a video. Wait, it does contain a video. A SKATE MONTAGE! SWEEET! I love getting overhyped. This video has footage I have been stacking for the last month or so. Maybe a little less. Like a week less. Whatever, I don't like making short clips. I like substance. And chili.
Here are some of the pictures from this weekend. They were all taken by the wonderful Sean Cornetto. Or Ned. Or Netto. Whatever is easier for ya. He's become quite the photog lately. Feelin his camera steez!

For the rest of these photos and many others like it, check out Sean's 35mm photo album on Facebook. And someone make him make a twitter. HE SHOULD HAVE ONE ALREADY!

Ok so here are the vids. Two formats fo' that ass. Youtubers got first since they always upload faster for me. Next up is the Vimeo link. Have a good one, folks. Peep game, lames!


(peace, world)


Normally I save things like this for "Track Tuesdays" but I can't wait to show the world this! This is an exclusive premiere to the new J. Craig song "Bambu". He fucking kills it. Never heard of him?! Check out some of his videos and blog posts on The Craig's World

J. Craig - BAMBU (My Crew) from Joe Zevallos on Vimeo.

GET FAMILIAR AND ENJOY EVERYONE! new video up later today from myself. Extra shout to Joe putting this beautiful vid together. Shit's hella tight. GOOD SHIT, MAH G!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Caturday!

It's Saturday and even though I love's FUCKING CATURDAY!

Hooray for cats!

oh wait...this is a skateboarding post. Skateboarding it is, then! We've been at Fair Lawn park non stop since it opened. I think Ned has been there everyday since it opened and even on days it wasn't officially opened yet. It's fun. Friends captured some of that fun and I made a cool video to it. Brought it to ya in two formats like before so please please enjoy!

Mustard Sauce from Luiscanelo on Vimeo.

Ok, everyone. Enjoy the update. I hope you guys all have a great weekend and remember to take days off and rest! Sabbath is tomorrow. Maybe Monday will contain new footage. Peace, world!