Wednesday, May 29, 2013


SO I promised more posts last week. I lied. This is what I do. I am not that reliable. I owe tons of rent money, even after those "checks". Glen hates me for that. Anyways, here are some more pictures. Glen took all these photos here and the ones previously posted on a Pentax Honeywell Spotmatic 35mm film camera, btw. 

 Brian Beavers - Backside Tailslide
 Dingo didn't even know Glen took this.
 STAYGOLD (some more of that coming soon...)
 Double Double and Fries ANIMAL STYLE
Flat ground here was so crisp that homie started to ollie onto a milk crate and slide like a hockey puck. 
Shit was gnarly to witness in person.

That's all for now. Gotta dig up holes for burying folks in and shit. Thanks for holding on till a week later, y'all. We love you all. New video drops in June. Stay notified by following me on fucking TWITTER.

Mier, svete!

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