Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Wassup, everyone? It's been a long year in music. I don't usually do this, but it's actually been a great year for music. I won't list this in any order. These are just albums or mixtapes I think would be beneficial to your ears and your hearts. Good music is always good to share. Some of these artists you have heard of. Some of them you've never heard of. Don't matter. CZECH THEM ALL OUT, DAMNIT! WE CAN ONLY HOPE 2012 BRINGS ABOUT MORE MUSIC LIKE 2011 HAS LEFT US.

First off is the CHAMPION effort from our sponsored artist, JOSH CRAIG, called "NO MANAGER NO PROBLEM".

Now, I'm not saying this was a great album/mixtape because we are cool with him. I only met the dude this summer. He's cool with the rest of the crew a lot more...BUT THIS DUDE POURED HIS HEART AND SOUL INTO EVERY TRACK ON THIS RECORD. Not only that, but he also doesn't write. Every rhyme you hear on this was off the top of the man's head! That's impressive to say the least.

TRACKS TO CHECK OUT: BAMBU(MY CREW), LIFE OF THE FAST ONE, and definitely don't forget to check out IT'S COMPLICATED.

Next to definitely get a nomination from me as one of the best mixtapes of the year is DANNY BROWN'S "XXX".

This man took a shitty situation like not signing with G-Unit and ended up dropping, without a doubt, one of the rawest music efforts I've heard in a long time. If you haven't heard of Danny Brown, he's a MC from Detroit. Looks like a rock star and raps like a deranged lunatic that doesn't give a fuck about shit. This guy took a while to break into the scene correctly, but he couldn't have picked a better time to drop this kind of a record. In a time when radio rap is watered down to bragging about "cars and money and hoes", Danny Brown embraces the shitty cards he was dealt and let's you know that he probably dealt them to himself.

TRACKS TO CHECK OUT: XXX, OUTER SPACE, DETROIT 187, and make sure you listen to RADIO SONG.

Local music thrives in all areas and my next selection is perfect proof of that. I bring to you KEYEL'S project, titled "CLVLND.CITY.CNQRS".

This album is beautiful. I've listened to it countless times. Each member of the group brings a different aspect to the table. Keyel is consisted of ESO, P3453, HOLY, and TWIZZ. They are all producers and they all rap. ESO lays down the cuts, as he is the group DJ. Basically, these guys don't slack in any hip hop department. The theme of the album is how they live in Cleveland and you can certainly get a good understanding of how these dudes is livin' in Ohio. Makes a dude wanna come out there to chill with the fam. If you're going to listen to this album, make sure it is all the way through. IT'S WORTH EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE.


Last artist to get a mention in this post will be the next ginger to have next, ACTION BRONSON. He dropped a very awesome album called "DR. LECTER" this year.

So let me give you some quick insight to who Action Bronson actually is. He's a big dude. Biggie Smalls type big. He actually used to be a chef. He has a cool style about em. Not like a lot of dudes you see coming up now.

NOW, onto this album. This dude has a great flow. That gritty type shit New York has always been known for, but with a twist. Since he used to be a chef, he throws in awesome food references that I honestly don't think you get much of nowadays. I'm not talking about saying tuna and rhyming it with buddha, I'm talking about "Aged wine got me spinning like a dreidel/For fly women use a condom cause it's fatal/Hazel eyed bitched always blazing up the basil/The red razor cut the features in your facial". That is some dope shit! How can you hate on that? Anyways, this album has some great beats and even better lyrics. Make sure to keep an eye out on this dude. He might be blowing up quicker than you think.

TRACKS TO CHECK OUT: BAG OF MONEY, BARRY HOROWITZ, and without a doubt check out the main single SHIRAZ.

For now, I will end this post. Next week, I'll wrap up the music mentions and also give you a peek into what to listen for when next year comes. Make sure to check back and see what else we have in store. I promise a new video before the year ends. Merry Kwanza, world.

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