Friday, December 23, 2011


Good morning. Just a quick little update for you guys. Glad you liked the music reviews. More to come on Tuesday.

First set of business is that our good friend Josh Craig has a show in the city tonight. If you're over 21 and able to get into the city, meet up with us. I'm serious. The whole crew is going. We love everyone so shout us a holla if you decide to come...(DETAILS FOR THE SHOW ARE HERE)

Next, did you guys see this video our rider Dylan Nieves dropped? This was basically most of his good footage from after we scooped em up. Some good tricks in here. The kid is humble about it, too. Best way to be, man. Peep the technique.

From us to you, I think that is it for now. DON'T FORGET WE HAVE OUR FIRST TWO GRAPHICS BACK IN!

If you need one, email me or contact any of our riders or our Facebook page. I promise they are worth every penny and make great gifts for skateboard enthusiasts the world over.

Have a great holiday, guys. More updates to squeeze in before the year is over. Check back soon, world.

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