Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tractor Tuesday

What I meant to say was that it is "Track Tuesday". Today, I have two artists to showcase and I also have a cool video from Black Flag Shoppe featuring our good friend Josh Craig.

My homey from Jersey goes by the name Sean Preme. Saddle Brooklyn representer.

He's chill as fuck. If you met him, you'd never know it was his voice on these tracks. He just released his demo. His Soundcloud can be found HERE. I'm gonna post a couple of the tracks that I personally liked a lot, but make sure you check em ALL OUT. Support your local music scene!

Second artist I have to shed some light on is my great friend Mario The Mechanic coming out of Cleveland, Ohio.

The man honestly never stops with the good music. He's a funny dude. Knows his shit. Next time he's out here, we getting live as fuck. I used one of his songs for a montage once...

But yeah, the new track is called "ICE". Shit is awesome. Make sure to check his Soundcloud(Mario the Mechanic's page) as well. Enjoy!

Last, but certainly not least, a dope video of some heads over at the Black Flag Shoppe doin' they verbal thang. You know how that go. Craig is in the midst of it all. Shit is dope. Dudes are just having fun. No stress. You can tell.

Done for now. Hope everyone checks out these artists. If you end up really liking these artists, follow em and keep up with them. Local music should be supported more. For real. Support anything and all from your area. And branch out a bit. You'll find good shit out there that isn't on the radio, I promise.

Get juicy, world.

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The Josh Craig said...

Thanks for the post dude. MUSTARD ALL DAY!!!