Saturday, November 26, 2011


Fuck sales "holidays" that only help the rich get richer. Only "sales" day I participate in is "Small Business Saturday". Which is today. Go support your favorite small businesses. Like Division East. Black Flag is a great place to support. Underground Skateshop has that British flava. Any local shop, to be honest. Fuck the mall on a day like this.

(Real quick, I wanted to post this Nate Rojas video. Why? Because he's just too good and too nice of a guy for him to not get ONE mention on this site every once in a few. East Coast...stand the fuck up. )

I wanted to show the world the crazy styles of Billy Thomas. His real name is Jay. Actually, it's Jamar. But shhh...Only Netto calls him that anyway. From here on out he's going to be known as Bill. Bill Montana. He rips on a skateboard. He's recording a mixtape with Glen Roberts. He's a very fast moving man. Try to catch up because he's usually flying. On a flight. Or in space.

That's it for now. I promise a new video VERY VERY SOON. I've been busy being a bum. Shit ain't easy. I gotta go make some rent money. Peace, world.

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