Friday, February 3, 2012


Ok so a couple things have happened since my last post:


Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter if you are interested. Once they're gone, we might not run those colors ever again. GRAB YOURS BEFORE IT IS WAY TOO LATE! ($25 each for a sweatshirt.)

Our good friend Josh Craig leaked a new song of his. Shit is tough. Mello Mel killed it on the production. This is a deadly combo!
(If I had the embed player, I'd post it but I can't do that for this song at the moment. Click the link below and listen anyway!)
Die For Mine

Our newly acquainted friend Urbindex just dropped a new mixtape with another Clevalandite, A/V.

Shit came out extra proper! You must give it a listen. The production is extra spacey. Love how all the beats sound. Urbindex has a good voice so all the rhymes just come ultra correct. I have hope in music when people drop beautiful shit like this...FOR FREE! And they finished this EP in a week? Pretty hard to do, man.

Even though I posted the video for Eggnog Surprise before, I'm gonna drop it on niggas again anyway!

Skateboard news?! WE GOT SOME OF THAT, TOO!

Supra finally posted their new tour video from them going to NYC. Did anyone ever see that Neen cover? With the heelflip?

Gnarliness. Supra has a pretty stacked team right now. Watch the video and enjoy.

Last video is of Jordan Sanchez. He's on BLVD now. HOLY. SHIT. Last trick just makes you say "Really?!" This is a MUST watch for anyone that skates street. Creativity out the wazooooooo.

That's it for now. Don't forget we have boards for sale still as well. $40 each with free grip AND stickers.

Like I said before, Facebook and Twitter is the best place to reach us.

New video still in the works. Stay greasy till then, world.

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