Friday, February 10, 2012


NEWS! It's important and it keeps us fearful day in and day out. Well, maybe not skateboard news. Skateboard news is always rad. Here's some!

Vincent Alvarez is slowly becoming one of my new favorite skaters. He skates like an East coaster but he's from LA. That's pretty awesome to see. This video just takes you on a day with him. Shows you how he gets down. The dude rips. Watch and learn.

Element has new cruisers. This is Nick Garcia and Julian Davidson shredding on these new cruisers. Sick shit, niggas.

Mister Bryan Herman and Eric Ellington both have new trucks for Thunder. They battle it out to see which truck is better, then skate the Baker TF for a little. Cool little video from the Deluxe folks.

Erik Ellington & Bryan Herman: My Other Truck is a Thunder from dlxsf on Vimeo.

Music news? Music news.

My homey Sean Preme made a joke track on "The Motto" beat. His verse is pretty cool, though. Can't lie! Funny to hear this guy Klo on the second verse. That shit made a nigga LOL. Shit is cool, though. Give it a listen at least for Sean's verse.

That's it for now, everyone. Enjoy your Friday. Crack open a bottle of Sake for me this weekend.

Sayonara, world.

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