Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CONGELAMENTO!...and other Tuesday Music News.

Good day to everyone, today. The Giants celebrations are today. So hyped. Congrats to the fans like myself out there!

Besides that, I have some new music for everyone today. Before that, however, I want people to know about some THANGS.

First off, yesterday was Bob Marley's birthday. Did you celebrate it? I did. Blasted me some Marley on the early tip. If you didn't, enjoy some now.

Next off, it's the anniversary of Big Pun's death today. I know how much Spanish loves him so this is just for you, Spanishio.

(One of my personal favorites...But what ever happened to Tony Sunshine?)

Last person to remember today is J Dilla. I know for a FACT that hip hop needed this man. It's his birthday today. I don't think I'd listen to hip hop as much if it wasn't for producers that were influenced by J Dilla. This man really changed the game for many. Insane talent and he is missed daily. Rest in power and happy birthday, J Dilla.


Enjoy, everyone. Those are just some. If you've never heard any of his beats, it's never too late to start appreciating his work NOW.

Batman is right, I must get to the point. Main reason I even started this post was to talk about my friend Dollar Bin's new project.

The title of the album is "Congelamento!" Shit is beautiful. Very VERY different from his last drop. This is still spacey, but in a way that only Dollar could create. The keys take you to a cabin where your roommates would be Flying Lotus, Leonard Nimoy, and Galactus. That cabin would also be on Mars. A monolith would be patrolling said "cabin" as well.

Another great thing about anything Dollar Bin drops is that he knows many people that love to drop remixes of his stuff. He's got remixes from his boys nemesisXL, TOBOGGAN, and Kymbo Slyce. The TOBOGGAN remix is so good. He also has a track from a woman named Lucille Ghatti. HOLY SHIT. What a voice! I don't like to say too much in these reviews. I think the music speaks for itself. If you don't believe so, then please give it a listen. You be the judge!

Dollar also made a fucking awesome video to go along with this album. What makes the video so "fucking awesome"? MODELS ARE EATING CAKE IN THIS VIDEO. THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT SO FUCKING AWESOME!

I guess that is all the music news for now. I may have a post later on today but if not, I'll see you guys later this week. Enjoy the music. If you really dig the Dollar Bin album, let him know. Hit his Twitter and make sure you say "Hey dude, this music you made...it's radical. I really dug it. Can I maybe give you like $30 for making it so good?" That'd be a very nice thing to say. Enjoy your Tuesday, world.
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