Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So it's been a week. I still haven't dropped a new video. NEXT WEEK I PROMISE. Filming is hard when you have other shit to do. I apologize, though. Two months is a lot of waiting. Since I suck, I'll post some bewbs (it's Titty Tuesday) and some new music...FIRST, LET'S GET TO THE TITS.

(that's for Netto.)

(this one is also for Netto.)

(this one is for Carlos.)

(so is this one.)

Well, I guess now it's time for some music. Were the boobs good/cool? I don't care. Enjoy tits of any kind all the time, kids. Don't get picky when it comes to boobs.

First up, we have Kaimbr's new "The Brothership" album. All of the beats are inspired off Led Zeppelin. Great album. The beats are all on point. Honestly, I can see Glen rapping on some of these. Shit is good. Anyway, check it. Listen to it. Tell me what ya think...

Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius dropped a new album today. "WZRD" is the name. Heard his label fucked em on this album so only 55,000 dropped in stores. That's not much. Whatever, get it on iTunes. The song below is off the album. Very different from Cudi's usual stuff, but still interesting. If you're a fan, you won't be disappointed.

The big homie Sean Preme put out some new new. Peep the technique.

Our good friend Robbie Maxx just dropped a new video the other day. Actually, maybe like a week ago. This shit is awesome, though. Beat is super mellow. Song is real. The dude has skills. PEEP THIS.

That is all for today. Check our Twitter and Facebook for new updates. We may have some new stuff in store very soon. New video hopefully next week and new product. STAY SASSY, WORLD.

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