Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It's Tuesday. I haven't posted anything in like two weeks. I'm sorry. Oh, that chick up there? Well Tuesdays can mean many things... They can mean "Titty Tuesday", like shown above, or they can mean "Tuesday Tunes". Or "Taco Tuesdays". I think those rule the most. Tacos, tits, and tunes all together?! THAT IS THAT SHIT, BRUH. So let's just mix it up and have ourselves a great day, cool? Word.

So our homie Ice Water Metallic dropped some new shit recently. YOU NEED ALL OF THIS. The homie is changing up sound a bit and experimenting with different stuff. It's cool to see. Methods are many to his madness. PEEP ALL THESE SHITS.

small tit break...back to Ice. (Abbey Brooks, btw?)

This is a beat tape he threw together with newer beats he had laying around. Told me he had to just put this out there for the world to just enjoy. He was just feeling it. The intro to "crnstr" is one of the sweetest loops ever. Especially check out the last track, "Dreemz". That shit speaks to me.

Next up is this show. Mustard will be there, having chilm sesh's with all the world. ZARCO LOUNGE IN PASSAIC, SON!...actually, let the flyer do the talking.
Our homie Eric Onassis hooked us up and we are definitely grateful. Come out and have a good time. 5 bucks to party. Since it's Passaic, let's meet up and chug 40's before we go in. Get lit correctly.

The artists on here are really dope. DJ ARMOR spins a pretty good set whenever I peep em, and Eric is a fucking G. The homie WOODS does his mashup up thing in a very dope way. Here's some:
That's a sweet mix, man. 

This is an even sweeter one, dude. (Seriously, I don't even like this song originally, but the homie Jose made me like it this way. Big ups.)

This mix he put together is nice and chill as well:

That's it for today. I have more in store for this week, I promise. Tomorrow and Thursday, preferably. Enjoy the night. Make sure you enjoy this last month of summer, guys. If not, you can be saying "I had a shitty summer". I hate that. Only YOU can make your summer shitty. You choose all that you do, one way or the other. Make your destiny exciting and stop waiting for shit to pop off just because YOU expect it to. IDIOTS. 

stay positive, world. 

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