Friday, August 31, 2012


MAN, I MEET TOO MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE WITH TALENT. On the real, so many dudes and dudettes I've met in the past two years that make tunes just keep getting better and better: progression. I am a huge fan of that.
Urbindex is a dude I started connecting with through Twitter. The dude produces, raps, and runs a pretty dope blog, as well. If you don't remember, I've posted about him before. He's from the CleOh, no Jamaican to say call me now, though.
He's got a brand new album dropping sometime this fall and I know it's gonna be dope. Here's one of his new visuals, entitled "New Deux". I feel for homie getting his knowledge chopped off. It's hard growing hair out for a while, and even more disheartening to just chop it off, but at least this had artistic value.

  NEW DEUX by Urbindex

This track is called "David Cross-Eyed" and I honestly can't get enough of this shit. Beat fucking knocks. If your head doesn't nod to this, you probably had bad whiplash growing up, weirdo.
  David Cross-eyed by Urbindex

One moreeeeeeee... A remix he did to Flying Lotus's "Dance of the Pseudo Nymph". This is just beauty reincarnate. That bass, doeeeeee.
  Pseudo Pimp by Urbindex

Make sure you check this guy out on the frequent. Peep his Soundcloud page and follow him on Twitter. Be on the lookout for a future collab with this man because it just NEEDS to happen.

party on, world.

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