Wednesday, April 11, 2012


OK so a lot of shit has happened in the last week. Let's get to it.

Q-TIP SIGNED TO G.O.O.D. MUSIC! That's fucking awesome news. Hopefully, they give his next album the right amount of marketing. His last album definitely didn't get the amount of love it needed. It was also Q-Tip's birthday yesterday which makes this a radical birthday present. Congrats, brotha. Let's get some grooving in, shall we? [details behind the whole signing can be found HERE(via Complex)]

On to some local news...The homies Young C and Sean Preme are fucking grinding lately. Track after track after track. That's just how you have to do it nowadays. Here are some new tracks I haven't posted yet. Young C's "Iller Than Most" mixtape is coming out in just 9 days. Shit is coming up QUICK. Make sure you stick with em if you like what ya hear.

This track also features our good friend Mirkat. He's doing it lately, too. Make sure to peep his shit out!

Dollar Bin remixed his boy Lateef Dameer's track "River On Glass". Shit came out proper. Beat is on some progressive drug induced dream tempo fire owl shit. Basically, ultra proper. Keep up with Dollar. He's got fucking heat dropping on the regular.

Josh Craig has some new ish coming up VERY soon as well. For now, listen to this sweet freestyle he put down. Shouts to Worxlife.

Creestal and Moshadee are CM Jonessssssssss. (I need royalties for using "Jones", guys.) This EP is dropping SOON. Be on the lookout. A Jersey and France connection is a very beautiful thing.

I guess that is it for today. New video is almost done being filmed for. Got some great footage this weekend. We will see you guys this week. Stay up, world.
(also, tits.)
Brandy Taylor is just too good. Enjoy your week!

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