Tuesday, April 24, 2012


CARLOS FINALLY DROPPED HIS MIXTAPE! HOLY SHIT! I'm extremely proud of this guy. He finally followed through with something he wanted to do for a while. This isn't a usual trend for Carlos. Young C is here, people. (that's the link to the actual mixtape. Couldn't find an embed code.) Let us know what you think! I think the "Intermission" track is awesome. What's your favorite?

(album artwork done by our designer Tommy James Purdy)
Robbie Maxx dropped a new mixtape(Indusrty Beast Volume 1: The Alter Ego) on 4/21 as well. This mixtape has been long overdue. For his first effort, it is executed great. Production is on point. His boy Plan B comes through on this, especially with the track "The Race". Not much I want to give away. Just make sure you give it a listen!

The good friend Mario The Mechanic produced this new joint off of Sted Lee's "Oprah: Can't Go Wrong 2". The track is fucking sweet. The video is even cooler, mainly because of the cool looking skatepark at the end. When we hit Ohio, I wanna peep that park!

Last but not least, Action mofuckin' Bronson! He dropped a new track the other day "just cuz". That's a great reason. Shit is slow paced, but that doesn't stop Bronson from giving you tons to digest. Literally and lyrically.

Aight, world. I'm working on a new video actually as we speak. I took the time out of my day just to write this post for you! I'm gonna get back to work. Expect the video sooner than later. I love y'all. PEACE, WORLD.

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