Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Sorry about the hiatus, guys. I'm a busy blogger guy man dude thing. Not really.

Anyways...I have a new video up for everyone. We've been busy with some small events here and there and just skating around trying to skate more regardless of the weather. Beginning of this month was a little too brutal to skate as much as we wanted.

BUT... We stuck it out and shredded on days we could. I stacked some footy and here is the video!

Hope you guys enjoy it. I made Luis list literally every single person in the video description so go check it out on Vimeo or YouTube for the sweet infoz.

Two Mustard Gorillaz from Luiscanelo on Vimeo.

We have an event coming up in September so check back soon to get some info on that. Have a great week and maybe I'll see ya later, world.

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