Thursday, August 18, 2011

News, News, Nuse.

Good day to everyone. Hope you're all having a great week. I just wanted to stop in and let some folks know about some coming up attractions.

First, our good friend Josh Craig drops his new mixtape today. There's an event that only some folks are invited to and best believe Al Jones will be there with friends. Big shouts to the man J because he's been doing his thing lately. Good for him. NO MANAGER NO PROBLEM!

Secondly... WE HAVE AN EVENT THIS WEEK! So fucking psyched for this event. I think I'm going to actually show up so if anyone wants to get pictures with me, make sure to come. Of course, most of our riders will be there as well so make sure to show up and support! Underground and Bump riders will be well represented, too, so come chill and maybe get a free shirt or even a free board!

Last, but not least peep this video!

Rushing out. Have a good day, guys. or should I say WORLD!? yuuuuuup!

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