Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We on our grizzly.

World...HOLD ON!

Good afternoon. Today I bring three treats. Four of our squad. In three different treats. Two throwaway parts and a pretty whack game of SKATE. I hope you guys know we are working real hard for "Somethin' Light". Don't think the cold weather is gonna hold us back. NOTHING WILL HOLD TEAM MUSTARD BACK.

Be on the lookout for Kevin and Beavers. They might be your next favorite skateboarders. Easily.

Last one is a game of SKATE. TOM VS LUIS. If anyone wants to play Luis next, let me know. He really loves playing anyone. It keeps him on his toes.

Have a great day, world. I was just trying to give you guys somethin' to look at whilst the weather blows the way it blows. STAY UP!

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