Thursday, December 9, 2010

AL Jones introduces the first of many... "THREAD THURSDAYS"!


One of Luis's friends owns a awesome clothing site. He asked me to do a little feature for his friend so that's what I'm going to do!

The man behind this website is Jeremy Heber. This guy is a smart man. Knows what the people want. Knows that some of the past styles in our time were some of the better styles. This website provides some of those past styles. Now, you're not gonna find some vintage XXXXXL white T's on here. You're going to find good looking models wearing good looking clothes. For example:

He also carries shoes for women and men. (The blue pumps she's wearing are the featured item. Also, her face is pretty nice. JUST SAYIN')

He even carries jewelry!

Honestly, I was blown away at the selection and it's barely been up that long. The styles of clothes they have are varied and pretty limited. Samesies with the jewelry. He also has Jordans on their for sale. JORDANS!

You can't beat that! This is authentic stuff here, folks. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THIS OUT! The site URL is RIGHT HERE. Click that. Or click the big picture I posted of the site's logo. It'll be worth your while.

I'm going to keep this URL on the site because this website has me so hyped on friends and how if you want something bad enough, you can have it. HARD WORK AND DEDICATION PAY OFF, WORLD!

Expect more Thread Thursdays. I'll try to get to a new or extremely fresh site every week. If I can't, I'll make sure the next one was worth the wait. Take it real easy, world!

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