Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's up Boarders and Hoarders?

I don't even know what a hoarder is, but I do know that my comp was in the shop getting some body work done on it, but now it's back to normal and in full effect!

Let's start this post well, shall we?

On August 23rd, 2008, the DC shoes skate team came to Coleman Park to rip it up a bit and give out free stuff. We only stayed for a bit, but here's all the sweetness from that.

The back of Matt Miller's head.

Lindsey "Harry Potter" Robertson

PJ LADD, one of the best skateboarders to ever step on the board.

Kalis landin a huge front flip

PJ destroyed this bench.

Rob Dyrdek in full effect.

After we saw some of the skating, we decided to go get my friend Luis's shoe fixed, go shred, and burn some shrub.

The sessions at every spot were very chill and relaxed. My boy Lou even got some footy! Let's check out these antics...

Everyone started to skate this little bump off the curb...Too bad I was the photog bitch.

Banks to blaze...


R.I.P. to the late great ODB.

Needle tried to ollie over the whole ledge...

and ended up fucking his ankle up pretty bad. Just swollen, luckily.

This dude came through and did all these sick grabs...wish Lou filmed em.


We left the ramp at the banks to see if anything good was going down at the 9 stair...their wasn't.

Kid was literally throwing himself down the stairs. Barely even trying to stick his trick.

Then it was off to Wendy's and the area around Battery Park

Irony in a nutshell.

Here's a video log of some of the great skating these mustard ass niggas were laying down.

And that's the end...

Have a great day, world.

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