Thursday, September 18, 2008

This shit is called Kangs...dug

Welcome and good day, fellow readers!

Yesterday, Beavers, Dingo, Spinich,Luis, and I went to the park to film and skate that gorgeous bench I showed you guys a day ago. The session was fun, till all the basketball players showed up. Fun nonetheless.

And Joe Coke came through to bring a rail to shred...

After this we decided to hit up mamma mia's(garfield) for some $1.50 garlic knots. Bang-arang.

We then met up with Needle to find that the ghetto bowl was clean again.

And at the end of that day, a montage was created!

Today, Needle and Spinich skated with Lou and I in Lodi.

Behind Kmart Sessions included mad powder on the floor and a obstacle that was super unstable =/

Then Keith came through.

After Kmart, we went to BK and then Luis snapped his deck(idiot).
We headed to the Lodi middle school afterwords and had a good shred sesh.

Now this next piece of footy is mainly cuz I recently just met Sean Cornetto and I realize why everyone loves the dude so much. It's because he likes to clean out his closet when it comes to skating. Makes sure he hucks and chucks himself till he's completely done. So this one is for my newly made friend and one of Mustard's oldest members... Sean "NeedleDick" Cornetto...

Hope you guys enjoyed that. Lou said he tried kinda hard. I don't believe him one bit.

Have a nice day, world!

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