Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Remember Mike York? The dude that had one of the more underrated parts in "Yeah Right"? Yorky killed it in this just because of how great the song went with his skating. The last trick makes no sense seeing how those ledges are CHOPPY AS FUCK.

What about his part in "Mouse"? That shit STILL gets me hyped! The song was gnar as fuck and the lines he had were legit, man. Those lines still stand up pretty well if you ask me. (That 50-50 on the ledge to 50-50 on the rail on top still bugs me out!)

So good! Well I somehow stumbled upon new footy of him that FTC posted. It got me hyped! Makes me want to go skate or sniff dinner mints or learn weird switch noseslide variations!

Great to see an OG still out there doing what he loves, regardless of whatever anyone says. Keep doing you, brotha. I know people like me appreciate it.

stay sweet, sugar world.

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