Friday, December 21, 2012


(This shit is old but I wanted to post it so you guys could have a really trapped out holiday weekend, yo.)

The homie $1 Bin made this dope mix. Mad trap shit. It will undoubtedbly get your legs and head moving. Might even make the chick next to you pop that pussy. Throw some dollars her way if she does proceed to, though. Remember, we don't deserve shit.

He ALSO dropped a new EP entitled "GN$ EP". It's a Trap project that he put together with a producer by the name of Hucci. It's a FREE DOWNLOAD. This shit is great and if you don't get your hands on this now, you will be missing out. I can promise you that. The first track is very addictive/catchy and you will be saying "Gold Nigga Swag" all the way to the bank with that one, son. PEEP GAME HEAUXE.

Enjoy your fucking weekend, idiots. The world didn't end. We are all still here. I mean, look at you, reading my words, as you say "Damn, son. He's right." LIVE IT UP, MOTHER FUCKERS!

paz y amor, mundo.

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