Friday, June 1, 2012


EY! I know all of you ZOMBIES are FIENDING for some new videos. We got that work for ya. First things first, lemme get to some other matters.

First is Trestka. He rules. This picture is of him, ruling. Our homie Paul took the flick. Peep his Flickr.
Thanks, Paul! He brought that up to our attention earlier this week and I just had to share. 

Next, it's the birthday of our Soul Sister Alicia Skiba. Even though she is gone, we remember her all the time. When I see people that look like her, I trip heavy, wishing she was here to still enjoy things with the crew. Happy Birthday to you, Alicia. You are remembered daily. Don't you dare think otherwise! 
(Alicia, Julia, and Ashley)
If you'd still like to donate to the cause, just click HERE.

On to what you have all been waiting for... A NEW VIDEO FROM ME! This shit is loooooong like a longcat. 
Enjoy it! Spread it around! If you can watch this fully, I'll buy you a beer. It's basically 3 different episodes of nonsense from my crazy mind.
Alright world, I will see you later next week. Until then, stay smooth. Peace, world.

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