Friday, September 23, 2011



I somehow managed to put together two videos yesterday. I know Mustard is proud. I aim to please.

First video happens to feature an awesome band hailing out of our area called MOSS. They're a jam band with so many influences that their music sounds like no other jam band I've ever heard. They have a show tonight at Mexicali in Teaneck. It should be extra fun.

Video is only small parts of songs of theirs. I will try to get more footage of them asap. They fucking kill shit.

Since it IS FOF, I might as well post this awesome video from It features Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis talking about what video pumped Stevie up to go skate. I just watched the part and it definitely has some real good early 90's clips. Check it!

Has anyone heard of the new DC Embassy?

It's going to be a HUGE indoor park built in the new mecca of skateboarding, Barcelona. Apparently, they're going to be releasing new footage weekly that showcases the Euro team as well as the US team and friends.

I'd love that.

This segment is about skateboarders starting up and doing their own thing when companies aren't doing it for ya. Kinda like what Mustard did. This one is about Foundation Skateboards. It's a two part series. Watch both and be inspired! Make your own dreams come true!


Last but very certainly not least... A NEW AL JONES ARCHIVE VIDEO! Sorry for the delay. Luis's computer is a bitch. literally. I hope it was worth the wait for you guys! The youtube one is mobile so everyone can enjoy. The Vimeo one is better quality.

That's it for today. Enjoy the videos and thanks for checking us out. LATER, WORLD!

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