Monday, October 25, 2010

Chill times and NY grimes

What's up, world? Ok, this is a mini update because I didn't take that many pictures. Blame Luis for that, btw.

Chilled at the Mustard Lair aka Spanish's house with some of the squad. We put together some new boards and gave em some of our own graphics. Guess which one was serious?

some of the folks that arrived included:

and one of the Mustard CEO's.

After all this chillin, the next day consisted of shredding new parks. Like the one in Astoria, Queens. Shit was great. Peeps got scooped and then it was an adventure day after that.

Geoff starts his days right.

Alan actually came out with us. Making the day better by a whole lot.


Repping the G-Men and looking dumb is Luis in a nutshell.

Sean's dad is in a band. They are The Beatz. Let's meet em!

Finally got into the city and what a gorgeous skatepark this was. It was so tight. I really liked it a lot and so did Beavers and Luis. Even G did.

Left there after a couple of hours. Met folks. Saw folks. The rest is nonsense.

Good news before I end this post. The "Team Mustard" stickers are officially in! I will be handing em out everywhere I go and putting em all over the place. If you see a mustard sticker somewhere and want one, take the picture and show me and maybe I'll send you some ;)

Till next time, you keep on keepin' on, world. Al is out!

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